In the age of millenial craze and madness, who doesn’t know  what YOLO stands for. The phrase which is popularized by the singer Drake, stands for “You Only Live Once.” It is similar to carpe diem concept which means to seize the day, which I think doesn’t give out the reckless vibe.

Does this YOLO mantra applies to a simple everyday life? Do we dare think out of the box and out of our comfort zone? Enjoy life to your heart’s content as to act on a whim in which people may say, ” Are you out of your mind?”

Instagram influencers and you tube sensations make us believe that their life is perfect with all the luxurious trips, possessions and all that fortune can buy. To an average Joe, we can’t give in to the impulsiveness like there is no tomorrow. We live vicariously through the exotic island vacation posts that we see in social media and dream one day we can be able to afford one.

I believe there is a fine line between  living within your means versus affording your lifestyle. An extravagant vacation that is  carefully planned and saved for is something that you don’t get to do too often. An all expense paid trip is more relaxing, not worrying about an insurmountable debt, is worthwhile than an expensive trip to Paris.

We all for once had drooled over a Louis Vuitton or a Chanel purse or Gucci patent shoes. I am following a fashion blogger,recently, she posted her designer shoes and purses collection. Some of the followers took her display negatively and commented that she is a show off. The blogger replied that she splurges and also purges as well and sell the items she doesn’t need. To the public eye, it is too extravagant to have different colors of the same style of shoes and outfit. To her defense, what she does as an insta-blogger, having variety of outfits and accessories is what their job entails. While everyone is entiltled to their opinion, everyone has a different story to tell. Bragging is always a recipe for envy, jealousy and discontentment.

I still like having branded shoes, accessories and leisure trips, budget permitting (which it never does!) I used to be obsessed with a certain brand that every time there’s a sale, I could never get enough. Like an addiction withdrawal, the urge to acquire more things that I don’t need, took a lot of self-control. What is excessive shopping to others maybe an outlet to someone who is overwhelmed with everyday stress. I learned that although it is nice to have material things, it is not the gauge of happiness.

It is natural to enjoy the small and big things without having guilt and regret. Everyone has a different situation in life and we should live our own not theirs. We only live once and a life that is shared and enjoyed to the fullest extent is a life well lived in my opinion.

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