What do we use social media for?

Social media as defined by Merriam-webster’s dictionary, are forms of electronic communication ( such as websites for social networking ) through which people create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, etc.

Social media, has become a new religion, for some. Its’ popularity has skyrocketed, almost everyone using it is hooked to it. For Facebook users, what is the first thing we do in the morning? Do we grab our phone and start scrolling to see whats on our newsfeed? Do we anxiously check, how may likes or comment we got on our Instagram?

Humans, by nature are “social animals”, according to Aristotle. Naturally, we seek for attention,  interaction and relationships that would give us instant gratification.  We get to share a part of our lives to people that we barely know, through social media. The content that we post about ourselves, becomes the perception of the readers.

Social Networking is indespensible because of its’ uses in communication, education, businesses, and information. The disadvantage is when it becomes the sole source for communication and for acquiring  information.

What does a day, week or month without social media like?  Does a time goes by without the compulsive urge to look at the phone for post notifications? Do the thoughts of (FOMO)Fear of missing out ensue after a while?

What are your thoughts on being Facebook free for a week ? The challenge is difficult but it can be done. Would like to hear your insights on the subject.

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