Lightning bolted across the sky that became dark all of a sudden. It was was a bright sunny day earlier, no cloud in sight. As if there were no a severe weather alert flashing in all the tv stations, day goes by normally, for me anyway. Little did I know that a tornado that lasted for almost 10 minutes hit the area close to where I was that time.

The aftermath of the tornado included downed power lines due to trees that were uprooted by the heavy winds. Thankfully, no major damages were reported. The neighbors who rarely spoke to one another were checking on one another to see if everyone needed assistance. There were no power for days. The adversity brought people together to a common goal, that is to help one another. Unexpectedly, tornadoes come in our lives in a form of problems,sickness, failures. Nobody wants these inconveniences but they do serve a purpose. We are more appreciative for the sunny days of our lives because of these sad experiences.

The outlook is to look for positive things in our lives, amidst the storms. The tornado didn’t last long, but  it’s impact was tremendous.


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