When life hands you lemons

There are moments that I wished to tap my heels together and transport to a happy place to escape reality. To wake up and to know everything is only a dream. When you think your life is in going smoothly, unforseen events such as sickness, misfortunes or tragedies happen.

The proverbial phrase coined by Elbert Hubbard when life gives you lemons is truly inspirational. Every day we face problems and trying situations. A problem is a problem if it is something that has a solution , if the situation cannot be changed then, t should accepted. Most problems that we face are of financial matters. Money, certainly as an impact in our decision making. Not having enough money to make ends meet is a constant challenge of everyday living.

Worrying and anxiety can be pressing. Every one that struggles financially has a desire to be rich. Having more money to most people equates happiness. Until our health fails, relationships fail or even death happens, no amount of money can change the circumstances.

What do we do when life hands us lemons? We turn something sour or unpleasant to something great and unexpected. We can reframe our minds that something positive can come out of a negative situation. A loss of a job can open to new career. A form of sickness can bring family together and heal relationships. Going through trials that are beyond our control is a humbling experience. God’s power is magnified in the lowest point of our lives

Ultimately, the problems that we have can either tear us down or build our character. We can play the blame game or we can handle the stressful situation with optimism. We derive strength from God and that in every situation, we rely on him. Having peace in our hearts in times of trouble brings hope that God is always in control.

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