When Bad Things happen

Frantic thoughts came rushing through my head as I lay on the paper covered plinth undergoing an abdominal ultrasound. It will take a few days to get the test results of the lab work, my mind is still in agony, waiting of it. I am nervous, what if the result turned out to be what I don’t want it to be?

Life as we know, is full of detours, rocky roads, flat tires. We are not immune to bad circumstances. Sickness, unfortunate events happen. What do we do if we feel like we have enough, after one bad thing happens, another struggle comes shortly.

I just want to share an incident that happened a three weeks ago, I got stopped by a police officers due to a traffic violation. Honestly, things happened so fast, that I was unsure if I did something wrong. My mind was foggy and cluttered that day, and the incident is not something I am thankful for. It was a hefty fine that I have to suck it up and pay. Instead of being mad, I admit it was my fault, the officer was shocked that I even thanked him for giving me a ticket. I was dying inside.

This thanksgiving week, I accidentally misplaced my credit card. I was going to loose my mind knowing I left it in the busiest mall. I went back, not hoping that it will be there. I was amazed that somebody found it and returned it to the store.


0523DFA4-FFA0-4DE0-8B0E-34210140B47FWe can either feel sad or feel hopeful that we are experiencing turmoil in our lives. What is the lesson that this experience is trying to teach me? Will this incident drag me down or pull me up? Will I learn something positive from it? I will move on and when I look back, things will be looked in a different perspective.

I asked God why didn’t He stop these things from happening? To please remove the thorns from my chest. The weight and the problem is still there. Only God knows why He put these stumbling blocks to my path.  I thank God for them for I learn one thing is that I can’t do it alone.

I can’t undo the situation, the clumsiness, the recklessness, the selfishness all of them were issues that I still struggled with. When the bad things happen, there are also silver linings attached to it. Sometimes we have to look harder if we can’t see them at first.

First we have to acknowledge the situation. We can’t ignore a bad situation, thinking it will go away on its own. It will get only worse if we don’t think of a solution.

A mounting debt will force you to find ways to be productive.

Illness always force you to adapt a healthy lifestyle and behaviour

Bad things motivates you to change your view into an optimistic outlook

It brings you to appreciate what you have and what you are capable of doing.

You become wiser if some difficult issues arises again you will be ready to handle it.

A broken relationship leads to mending and a stronger ties

Bad things that happen reminds you to become humble at all times.

Most importantly, we realize is a need of change in us, for the best, otherwise we wouldn’t know it.

As an article suggests: instead of labeling things as bad, pose as opportunities for growth and challenges.

A change of mindset will truly make a difference.


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