What’s Truly Important on Mother’s day

Receiving hand made cards, flowers, an extra special treatment for special women is always anticipated on Mothers day. The celebration brings sentimentality and deep appreciation to the great women who influenced, nurtured and cared for us. The commercialization aspect of this tradition forces great expectations and unnecessary guilt to strained relationships.

To the demented elderly mother, who seldom get visits to the nursing home, to the bereaved mother never gets a phone call from estranged children, the occasion is not any different from any day.

For some, this is a time for reflection for the persons who suffered a loss of a child, miscarriage or battling with infertility.

Although the memories live forever, missing a deceased loved one also intensifies during this time.  An child who is abandoned or abused as a child will have a different story to share.

No holiday should isolate people, making a person feel inadequate  whether the feelings are reciprocated or not. A person’s capacity to nurture and be loved is not measured by the ability to have children of their own. Nor does a mother’s love be measured on the ability not to make mistakes.

To be able to share our time or resources in the time of need, lend a hand or a shoulder in a times of difficulty, a listening ear in a time of sorrow or an unexpected visit or call would be more appreciated than any hallmark card on a given day.






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