What is a Dad?

                              From a a traditional standpoint, the father’s responsibility is to be the breadwinner, providing the basic needs of the family financially and emotionally, being the disciplinarian, the role model, protector.

Modern day fathers have a different roles now because of the changing times. There are single dads, stay- at home dads that handle most or all of the child care and household tasks. Because of economical reasons, health issues, the family roles can be reversed. There are also foster parents and step dads who raise the children as their own. And for some reasons, there are fathers who decided to stay away from their children’s lives.

When I was young, my dad taught me how to ride a bike, how to swim. I remember he can make the best fruit drinks and make appetizing meals. I remember the trips we made to the park and to the zoo. I also remembered the day that he has to leave to work abroad. It was the saddest day. Like most overseas workers, the parent has to leave their family to provide a better future for the family. It was difficult, but like most families, we survived. It must be very hard for him to be separated from his family for so long even though he never told us that it was difficult. We appreciated all of the sacrifices he made.

My husband proudly received his Father’s Day present early this year. It’s a craft made in by my 7 year old son in his special ed class that reads: My dad is special because he takes me to the mall. We play hot wheels together. He takes me outside to play on the swing. He reads with me and play games with me. My dad likes to eat vegetables. We got tickled reading the last part.

To a child, he look up to their father as a hero. As they grow up, he would want to emulate his father if he set up a good example or he can swear not to become his father if he doesn’t have a good relationship with him.

The relationship is what bonds children to their fathers. To be present in a child’s life is more important than unnecessary material things. To give the unhurried time and undivided attention is what they really need.

Though our earthly fathers are far from perfect, there is Our father that love us unconditionally.  “God sees us with the eyes of a Father. He sees our defects, errors and blemishes. But He also sees our value”-Max Lucado .This Father’s Day and always we cherish our dads, our husbands, our father-in laws, our step dads and to all the father figures and to the memories that will last a lifetime.


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