Tiny hands and feet

25BE1E9E-157B-4613-8914-864D4148A0E2.jpegI can imagine, 8 years ago, you came to this world and entered our hearts. Today is your birthday and you are a gift to every life you touch. Like a small seed in the ground, you have blossomed to a beautiful caring soul. I couldn’t think of a life without your mischievous grin, funny antics and quirks.

God answered my prayers as I cried in awe seeing your tiny hands and feet.  I prayed for ten little fingers and little toes. That was my prayer then. I loved you before you were born. I wouldn’t  care if you are different.

To God who entrusted us to be your parents, we are truly grateful. We are given the honor to take care of a unique masterpiece that you are. We thank God everyday for undeserving love He bestowed our family.

Before you came to our life, we thought our lives were incomplete. You coming to our life let us appreciate what we have and more.  You taught us to be strong, tough and patient. To have resilience and endearing hope. Your life magnifies God’s unconditional love. You brought us closer to God.

I love your unique ways. You have a world of your own and a calmness within you. The world may not understand your different ways. You have a special heart.

We will forever cherish the day we held your tiny hands and feet. For someday, these little hands will hold someone’s heart, these chubby little feet will go places we can only imagine. Today is a day of celebration. Tomorrow, will always bring surprises.


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