The Givers

In this time of financial hardship, it is hard to think of others, when you yourself is in need. In our own little ways, we can give a piece of ourselves. It may not be much, but it will be a lot when it will come from our hearts.

Because He first love us, whatever we have now is already given to us. God’s timing is always right, for the times when we are in need, God always provides and never left us.

I ask God to take away my pride. I asked God to open my heart and mind. Sometimes, I feel the burden of giving .That I should give because of responsibility. I couldn’t give without being bitter. I could’ve used the money for myself. Like a melting candle that is slowly burning, I couldn’t share my brightness.

True giving is giving without getting anything in return. I felt proud when I give something. I expect gratitude and the accolade. Sometimes, we will never get the acknowledgment we deserve. I believe we received our reward first before we gave anything away. Giving doesn’t require an audience.

God cannot be mocked.  We can say, that we will give when we are ready. We say, Lord, I will give, when I win the lottery.  I will give when I receive my raise. Sometimes, the time never comes. God provides us with the capability and strength to give. Oftentimes, we have doubts. We lack empathy. There is no time to give but the present.

One of the clients, once shared how she was blessed by sharing. She didn’t have the money to spare to begin with. She said that instead of playing the lottery, she would use rather send the money to the needy. Every charity letter she received, she put a few dollars. She always share what she have. A little generosity goes a long way. How can someone who doesn’t have much be that generous!. God is be pleased not by the amount we give but by opening our hearts to give.

To be used as an instrument to spread the flame of kindness, let us be a beacon of hope once more. We may be that only person to show kindness someone who had lost their faith in God. We may be that sign that someone has been praying for.  I pray that He can use us to share the blessing to others that they may know Him more.

God is not finished with you yet. He can change you. He can remove all the bitterness and hate. God doesn’t call the qualified He qualifies the called, as the mighty saying goes. If you feel that your life is over, that you don’t have anything to give. That you are too frail, too old, too weak, God can use your life. Our labor will never be in vain.

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