The End Game


They say that the good thing when you hit rock bottom is that the only way to go…is up. To those who have reached the lowest point of life, it will take a whole lot of struggling to come back ashore. Once you reached the end point, can it be any worse?

We all have encountered a certain degree of loss of some sort. Grief impacts some of us differently. Some have resorted to addiction, some have chose to forget and move on.  Should we take life’s adversities with a grain of salt?

As you are gasping for breath, fighting to get a grip on reality, you mind has decided to shut-off the echoing voices and taunts you for your self-inflicted turmoil and misery.  The body can withstand all the pain until it make you feel numb and restless. Until your remaining strength choose to succumb to your emotions.

A series of less evil decisions led to your reaching the end game. It seemed to be a point of no return until you snapped out of reality. Is it true that they say there is no coincidences in life? Everything that happens and all the events that has been orchestrated  have a unique purpose and that there should not be room for any regrets.  Until we realized, in hindsight, looking from a new perspective, if certain situations did not arise, will it had help shape the person who we are now?

As you envision different scenarios on how you picture an alternate ending should be, you doubt yourself if the sacrifices are still worth it.  Change is a necessity for a complete restoration of the mind, body and soul. Sometimes a full 360 degree turn shall lead to a healing process, you never have thought was possible as you witness your hopes and dreams crumble before your very eyes. Then suddenly, it happened, you have triggered a small spark within, a drive inside of you that you never thought that you were capable of having.

The battle is not over for the weary, the fatigued and the desperate . Every little step is a triumph. Every little positive thought once during the day will help carry over until the next anxious thought sneaks up again. Breaking the chains of negative thoughts, burning the bridges of toxic ties hat lead to your downfall will pave a way to a less bumpy road as you proceed your next step.



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