The Butterfly effect

0B8B0B26-8AC4-4378-A703-3B68D0E60D6F.jpegHave you ever wondered how one’s outcome will change, if you had done things differently? I truly believe that our actions have a effect on the people that we encountered. If  we done a favor for someone, would it make them feel good about it? If we are always negative and pessimistic, won’t we become a source of grief to our close friends and loved ones?

The Butterfly effect phenomena was coined by meteorologist and mathematician Edward Lorenz. The idea that the flapping of the butterfly’s wings could make tiny changes in the atmosphere and can have a ripple effect and can produce a tornado somewhere else.

There are consequences to every decision we make. Some of it is immediate, and some are lasting. The impact that we make in peoples lives may be significant. The chain off events lead to an outcome may it be good or bad.

There are several times that I encountered mishaps that could’ve been prevented. Being up all night browsing the internet on the phone lead to waking up tired in the morning. And running late to drop the kid to school in morning rush lead to a speeding ticket. At first I was in denial, I justified my actions and after I acknowledge the mistake. I did not let the bad moment ruin the rest of my day.

There are also instances that there have been unfortunate events that are avoided just being on the right time on the right place. A fatal car crash just minutes before you changed lanes. A spare key that you have, after you have been accidentally locked out of your house. Some events can be blessings in disguise. Being fired from a stressful job, only to find a a better job that is more productive.

One of our close friend’s relatives went missing for few days after a hike. A few days later, his body was recovered near the river. The autopsy report said that he became disoriented in the snowstorm. No one is prepared for these kind of tragedy. My heart goes to the family.

Everyday, we have choices to make. From the moment we wake up until we lay ourselves to sleep. We can make a difference in one persons life. People who we know and don’t know can leave footprints our path too.  All things happen according to a divine plan.


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