Thanksgiving Surprises

Not a surprise, but been dealing with body aches, fatigue, anosmia for the past week. Got tested and lo and behold, you know the drill. Quarantine, monitor your symptoms, stay away from people. Contracting Covid-19 is not a good thing to have especially during the holidays or in any occasion.

How to keep a positive attitude regardless of the situation? I was fine until the diagnosis confirmed my fear. Dreading the worse case scenario as it flashed in my thoughts. A lot of what ifs and should’ve beens. What if it goes downhill from here? I surely don’t want anyone to catch it from me and suffer the longstanding complications. Was dining in the restaurant to blame for my predicament? It seems like a good idea at that time, the food and the ambiance was perfect, other than, there was a diner incessantly coughing at the table next to us. Or did I caught it on the multiple grocery trips I went this past week? I would like to blame the circumstances that lead to me and my family’s misery, but what’s the point? Does it make me feel any better?

I am thankful that it is tolerably uncomfortable, if that makes sense. Not a surprise, I already suffered with generalized anxiety since forever, adding injury to the insult was brain fogginess, chest tightness and hard to get used to is the loss of smell. Missing all the delicious scents and aroma from home-cooked meals. I never thought I will also be missing the obnoxious bodily odors and farts. Gladly, the overpowering scent of vicks and Lysol spray must have awaken my olfactory nerves which was good.

Hopefully, the COVID -19 torment will be over soon. The fear of getting sicker along with the trauma is not easy to withstand. There is no other choice, but to be strong and handle the struggle with an open mind in the best possible way.

Life is full of surprises. Some of life surprises will literally take your breath away. Reconnecting with a mentor turned friend. Sweet potato pie baking in the oven. Deep fried turkey. Thankful that the surprising moments are worth it.


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