• Low Carb Bagnet Chicken Mami

    Experience the awesome taste and delectable flavors of Filipino Food while on Keto diet

    Chicken Mami or Chicken Noodle Soup is a delicious soup dish fit for any weather

    What you need

    Shiritaki Noodles / Konjac Noodles 2 Packs (200 grams per pack)

     1 Large Chicken breast

    6 chicken liver

    Salt, Pepper and 1 knorr Chicken cube

    2 Large Egg, Soy sauce and Olive Oil

    Bagnet (thinly sliced)

    Onion and Garlic


    Baguio Beans

    What to do

    1. Place Chicken breast in a pot, pour in just enough water to cover allow to boil for 5 minutes, add Chicken liver and boil for 5 minutes
    2. Scoop out Chicken Breast and Chicken Liver and move to plate to cool
    3. When cool shred chicken breast and chop chicken liver


    Deep fry thinly sliced Bagnet Ilocos set aside

    Prepare the Noodles

    1. Rinse Shiritaki noodles for 3-5 minutes in running water
    2. Boil water add Shiritaki noodles and boil for 5 Minutes
    3. Drain and toss in Olive oil

    Sauteed Vegetables

    1. Saute Garlic and onion add shredded Chicken breast and Chicken liver
    2. Add Cabbage and Baguio beans
    3. Season it with salt and pepper


    1. Dissolve Chicken cube to leftover water (from the boiled chicken and chicken liver) taste and adjust seasoning (add salt, pepper and soy sauce)
    2. Add 2 Large eggs boil for 2 minutes
    3. Add oiled Shiritaki noodles
    4. Add sauteed vegetables and boil for 2-3 minutes

    Pour Low Carb Chicken Mami in bowl top it with chopped onion and Fried Bagnet

    Serve and enjoy


  • Easy Berry Creamy Keto Ice Cream

    Who says good food isn’t delicious
    I know you’re all looking for something that’s easy to follow and I set out to make something just exactly that.

    This ice cream is easy to throw together. The hard part is waiting for it to chill completely, which takes a few hours.

    No Cook Easy Berry Cream Cheese Keto Ice Cream

    5 Ingredients in 4 Easy Steps


    Immersion Blender

    (you can use Hand mixer)

    1 cup Berry Medley

    strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and blackberry

    1 tsp Virgin Coconut Oil

    2 tbsp cream cheese

    5 sticks of Natural Stevia

    1 1/2 carton of “chilled” All Purpose Cream or Heavy whipping Cream


    1. Blend all ingredients with your immersion blender or hand mixer until double the volume (3-4 minutes)

    2. Combine it with 1/2 cup Berry chunks (using a spoon or spatula)

    3. Chill for 2-3 hours

    4. Serve and enjoy

  • Low Carb Cinnamon Cream Cheese Pancakes

    For anyone who seems to be always strapped on time and wants a simple and satisfying meal, i recommend this easy keto pancake recipe. I found out that there are a lot of delicious keto recipes that I can try and would satisfy my cravings for sweets.

    Fluffy low carb cinnamon cream cheese pancakes (Sugar Free) suitable for a low carb and ketogenic diet, but you’d never tell! 

  • My 1st week on Keto diet


    I was hesitant to try keto diet until my diabetic educator friend recommended and explained its role on weight loss. Keto diet has its share of controversies relating to it’s effectiveness, safety and health benefits. I can’t speak for everyone who tried this, but after one week on keto, I am liking my overall results.

    In layman terms, keto diet uses fat as energy source, when carb intake is lowered. A diet plan which is high in fats, moderate in protein and low in carb is recommended to achieve the results.

    My beginning weight is 74.6 kg. To keep track, (not into much specific measurements) I kept a food diary.

    boiled egg and coffee with butter (sugarfree)
    roasted almonds
    cucumber lettuce with cheese dressing and
    chicken adobo
    roasted almonds
    black coffee decaf (sugarfree)
    lettuce tomatoes cucumber with dressing
    roasted chicken
    (coke zero)
    Water consumed  at least 1.5L
    I felt weak and had some sugar cravings
    Day 2
    1 boiled egg and coffee with butter
    salted cashews
    buttered beef, sautéed vegetables, fish and beef stew
    peanuts and cashews
    squid adobo, beef nilaga, pork belly
    diet 7up and spicy peanuts
    Water consumed atleast 2L
    I had weakness, sugar cravings, headache (tolerable) and brain fogginess
    Day 3
    Scrambled egg, salad with dressing, Longganisa (sweet sausage)
    Snack :
    shrimp and cabbage , black coffee (sugarfree)
    tuna with mayo
    peanuts and rootbeer (light)
    chicken skin and hongkong style fried chicken
    Water consumed atleast 2L
    Still had weakness, headache and more sweet cravings
    Day 4
    coffee with butter and almond milk
    scrambled egg with grated cheese (fried)
    salted peanuts
    chicken adobo and lettuce cucumber with dressing
    leftover lettuce cucumber with dressing
    beef broccoli and coffee with almond milk
    Fatigue and headache (keto flu)
    Day 5
    Keto pancake (egg with cream cheese add 2 drops of vanila extract fry with melted butter) add  maple syrup (sugarfree), coffee with butter and almond milk
    burger patty with cheese and salted peanuts
    chicken adobo and garden salad with dressing
    salted peanuts
    garden salad and bagnet (pork belly), salted peanuts, 52% dark chocolate sugarfree
    Water consumed atleast 3L
    I had decrease cravings, had a pounding headache and fatigue 
    Day 6
    keto pancake and coffee butter with almond milk
    peanuts and dark chocolate (sugarfree) and sunflower seeds
    fried chicken and coleslaw
    salted peanuts
    tuna lettuce cucumber with cheese and dressing
    Water consumed atleast 3L
    No cravings, no headache just dizziness after sudden movements,  feeling a lot better than the past days
    Day 7 
    bacon with asparagus and hotdog, coffee with butter and almond milk
    chicken, chicken liver and garden salad with dressing
    left over asparagus covered with bacon
    shrimp,  sautéed mixed vegetables
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