Special Treatment

F585EE8D-FF73-44C4-9054-9F20F0A0E52E.jpegEveryone is not immune to pain and suffering. One day we are on top of the world, the next moment, we are on the bottom of the wheel. Everybody has problems, no matter how big or small, we all are carrying a burden invisible to the naked eye,only we know.

When a stressful situations arise, our body goes into a fight of flight mode as a survival response.  Our brains are wired to process what is happening and the solutions. To a person with anxiety, this can be very difficult. Thousands of thoughts  rush through an frantic mind such as terror, hopelessness, and impending doom.

Unfortunate things can happen that is beyond our control. Anxious thinking tells us to expect the worse possible scenario. Fear overpowers the senses and can cloud the judgement. We all been in tough situations and we all deal with our problems differently.

In this dog-eat dog world, at times, there is a lack of sympathy to a person who is undergoing a hard time.  To some people who encounter same  experience, would say, been there, done that, would make the person feel that his problem is insignificant.

If only we there is a sign we can stick on our foreheads telling them to be easy on us because we are having a hard time. For someone who just had a tragedy, sickness or even loss it is difficult to go on and act as if nothing has happen.

There are people who will be insensitive to your pain.  There are a few people who will truly emphasize with your situation. The co-workers won’t care if you just have a baby or if your family member is in the hospital as long as you do your job, there is no excuse. I realized that we should be understanding  even if we are not given special treatment because of our situation.

Following the tragic event, the difficult part is getting back on the normalcy of life. You have a new reality after the loss. There are responsibilities that you still have to fulfill. You have to get your life together as simple it may sound, it is hard to pick up the pieces and start over.

Thankfully, there are people who genuinely care, even if you don’t ask them, they will lend an ear, a shoulder and a home cooked meal and cake.  Even in our down time, our prayers will always be heard and answered. We thank God for the good times and when the problems arises, we can depend on Him for strength and comfort.


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