Sand castles


You just typed a long report and suddenly, it was nowhere to be found. As if it vanished into thin air. What make it worse is that it is due tomorrow. You only had 3 hours of sleep. How on earth are you going to retrieve a 24 page book report? You take deep breaths and hope that there is a backup file somewhere. Negative. Looks like you have to start over again.

       You get desperate. What are you going to do now? Crying seems like the best option but it will not accomplish anything. But it will lessen the pain, I hope… There is a solution to any situation, as your therapist might say. You have to toughen up and face reality.  You can do this! It is not a hopeless case yet. There are still a few hours left to cram!

       You say to your self, can this day get any worse.? In that particular moment, you just want to be alone and nurse your wounds. You might get easily irritated with someone  who will remark I told you so. He/she will state the obvious, rub it to your face and lecture you on how to save your file.  There will always be someone who has toxic tendency to negate you, bring you down and belittle you.  Do you walk away or argue with them? When you reach your boiling point, will you get mean with your co-worker, stranger or anyone who cross your path and feel your wrath or would you rather wear a smile that not fake and brighten someones day even though your having a rough day?

It is eIt is easy to be generous and kind when your happy. .You get that promotion you are longing for. You found a cheap flight for your most awaited destination trip. You feel so high as if you on top of the world. (No pun intended). Nothing can ever dampen your mood.  Not today, so you think. You tend to be nicer and more tolerant and patient with your co-worker and boss, even though at most times, they have a tendency to get on your last nerves.

         Do you emotions and mood distract you from reaching your goal? Would you skip your exercise routine because you don’t feel like it? Do you get anxious or loose your temper easily when things don’t go your way?

       An article described feelings and emotions are like sand. They are fleeting as the waves tosses the sand castles. Favorable conditions deem the sand castles strong, but in a split second it can be destroyed. Emotions are just like that. ..Temporary. At the end of the day, what matters most is if we did what is right, choose our words, action and thoughts.  What is permanent is that no matter what emotional state we are in, God is always there for us in all times to care for us, to guide us according to His perfect plan.

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