Romanticizing life

“You should start romanticizing your life” is a statement popularized in social media, which seems to have a great influence in every aspect of our life. Being involved in a virtual world seems to be popular nowadays, and would be a part of our social interaction for a while. With all the negative events that are happening, preserving our sanity should be of utmost importance.

It hasn’t been easy this past year, and this year isn’t any different to me. Most of the time, I lack inspiration and dragging my feet most of the work days. More uncertainties dealing with relationships, work and the future are looming. I could choose to hope for the best or fear for the worse or live in the present. Generate a momentum to tackle the hurdles of the day, and at the same time being mindful of the things that we take seldom acknowledge. Romanticizing Life is appreciating the mundane things. Celebrating life one second at the time. Cheering ourselves as we get our of bed, the snooze alarm becomes music to our ears. Being grateful for the people in our lives, the time we have with them, the health and energy we have right now. There are days that I often neglect the value of the moment until it is gone. “You are always one choice away from changing your life,” a quote i read.

The life choices, I had made in the past may feel right at the moment, I couldn’t change them even if I wanted to. As the saying goes “A mistake that makes you humble is way better than an achievement that makes you arrogant.” That mistake is etched in your mind for a long long time.

I’m thankful for the days that I found inspiration to cook simple meals. go outdoors, meet with friends, finish a task. I never thought that trying new things like skipping rope would be so much fun. I am todays old when I found out that they even have weighted jump ropes. I could only try a few minutes without stopping, thanks to my hand and feet coordination, it’s a sure way of pumping your adrenaline.

Oh i did manage to cook and enjoy a satisfying meal that I plated nicely and proudly took pictures of. We also enjoyed a take out pizza, it was greasy but the mozzarella stuffed crust was super worth it. I had enjoyed every bite of it. I love days like today. I hope your today is great too.


  • Natalie

    Thank you, Rona, for participating in #weekendcoffeeshare. I hope you enjoy visiting blogs in the link-up. A link back is appreciated. Have a great week!

  • Julie

    I agree…I feel before COVID it was all about aggrandizing life and competing with others on who has the “best life.” Hopefully now people can appreciate the simpler things like their health and enjoying food.

  • RDS

    I share the same sentiments too. Sometimes we forget to enjoy the little things in life, when we are so focused on things that others have.

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