Remote learning thoughts

A lot of changes happened since the quarantine. Everybody has slowly been adapting especially the children who also been slowly adjusting with this whole new experience.

Distance learning was  challenging because everyone is still learning the ropes. , Surprisingly, everybody managed the mishap well enough. educators were the real superstar.

It was without a lot of hurdles, there are times that we were not able to participate in the zoom meetings, because of internet connections, scheduling conflict. Sometimes, we also missed the meetings because we forgot what day it was, which was funny but it was no excuse. There were a lot of reading materials for a short span of time. There were laptops provided for use for those who need it.

It was overwhelming at first.  My son was uninterested and needed a lot of break. The daily assignments were to be completed each week. The goal of  Schoology is to work on each subject for approximately 30 minutes each or depending on the student.  Monday to Thursday schedule was ELA,Math,Social Studies/Science. The afternoon schedule was for arts, music, media center and PE. There were class meetings every Wednesday and a reading group on Fridays and speech therapy support.

Zoom Pictionary Game

Zoom meetings were something to kids look forward to. The students played games such as scavenger hunts, pictionary, charades and story times. They enjoyed the around the house scavenger hunt game where they look for something purple, cute, small or squishy . It was fun to watch them interact with each other. They were polite, respectful and mannerable . The final project was to make a Famous person’s biography. The kids had a blast doing the presentation.
I don’t know how teachers do it. It was exasperating sometimes when the kids were interested in doing other things except for their schoolwork .  Empathy and patience truly are virtues someone who teaches must possess.  Reverse psychology sometimes helps, in which they will do the opposite that you want them to do. A little bribe and a lot of encouragement helps too. There is no magic trick.

I felt pressured for my son because I felt that he is behind on his academics. Thankfully,  he was able to complete the tasks with supervision and a lot of fussing. Learning will not stop at remote learning. This summer, we strive to focus on the weak areas and celebrate the strengths.

It was truly an awesome experience for the students, parent and teachers alike. They celebrated the last school with a zoom party. Their time capsule will be memories filled with laughs and giggles and the bonus is that you are a witness to this special moment.

I was surprised to receive the certificate the teacher emailed. The kids were not the only ones who learned . The parents got more than what they bargained for, in a strange turn of events. It was a humbling learning experience.

Online learning takes the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child.” to a whole new level. What are your homeschool experiences and suggestions and what do you look forward to the oncoming school year? Would like to hear your thoughts on these. Thanks for your time!

Thomas Jefferson’s Biography Brayden’s wax museum project

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