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Seeing familiar faces on old photographs from your timeline brings back memories of the good ole days. Decades later after graduation, you still remember how simple and carefree life was.

The child inside of us still desire for the carefree attitude. For some, worrying how to keep up with the academics and extra curricular activities were their utmost concern. During these formative years, camaraderies and belonging to an inclusive group are developed.

To have child like attitude, naive and un pretentious, is something of the past.  We remember our first failures, first heartaches, embarrassing moments as if it was being magnified. Being recognized and acknowledged for our small successes is an accomplishment in itself.

We reconnect our past and for a brief moment, feel that same passion we have during our youth. The same drive we had when we want to accomplish something so bad. The memories that we remember are the ones that made an impact in our lives. The worst and the best days and the funny mediocre days.

We make new memories each day, make it unforgettable by lingering on it a little more…


  • Anonymous

    It’s always a good thing to reconnect with the past because it keeps you grounded and thankful for what you have achieved in the present. We are, after all, a product of our the daily decisions of our youth.

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree with you, learning from mistakes from our past makes us better decision makers today.

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