Paubaya ( to entrust somebody you love)

Listening to the trending song “Paubaya” was a punch in the gut, it could be an anthem for all the forsaken/forbidden love stories.

Anyone can relate to the story, how about who you-thought was meant to be was indeed just meant to be a part of your chapter… Sometimes, you could still see his smile, and could feel a warm tear in your cheeks whenever the thought of him appears without warning.

There are many songs made about lost love and the distant memory still hold its charm whenever the lyrics plays on repeat in your head. It is tempting to look back and ask yourself what went wrong, there weren’t any real answers and the closure is left for the imagination.

Alas, there is that special someone who was always meant to be with your special person, only the person is not you…as painful as it may feel, letting go and moving on is a process…

A feeling that your heart could burst anytime.

Your painted a poignant poetry, the reason I write stories because ours will never be.

The memory is deceiving.Was the romance even real or did it it only existed in my head? Or only the parts that I wished to forget.


  • Anonymous

    Alam mo Tich, i love this song. Very heartfelt yung rendition and so easy on the ears.
    Medyo nahabaan lang ako dun sa dialogue ni Julia and Joshua sa bandang huli ng video. Hehehe
    Suntok sa puso din yung interpretation mo of this song. Napa arouch ako

  • RDS

    Trying to be relevant tich hehe, the sad memories are being replaced with gratitude, it’s just never meant to be. Sooner or later they become repressed memories…Haay!

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