On Rants and Vents

I have read a lot of articles regarding positivity, mindfulness, meditation, spirituality in search for help for my anxiety issues. One of the articles that I read was that ranting or venting is healthy way of airing out frustrations.

Have you ever felt a moment when your heart starts beating fast that it feels like its about to burst open? That your chest starts to rip apart and you don’t have any control over your emotions anymore. You start to snap at and yell at people. Your judgements become cloudy and you want every one to leave you alone at that precise moment. Its like nothing the heck matters anymore.

I still don’t know if I am experiencing hormonal changes (PMS), panic attacks, depression, stress, or anger issues. Or from the daily spiritual warfare we encounter everyday. When I had these episodes, it is usually triggered by an event, what somebody said or done that make you want to strangle the person ( if you know what I mean)

Thankfully, these episodes don’t last long. Sometimes it last for a week or so. This time it only lasted a day. Sleeping and isolation usually does the trick for me, but this time I woke up restless and heart pounding even faster.  Being in social media for lengthy periods of time only made it worse. I could not focus on reading scriptures either. The calmness came only after the warm shower and cancelling the noise in my thoughts.  God was trying to teach me something, I just didn’t paid attention on what the lesson was about.

I am myself again. I don’t want to be that person who clumsy, unfocused, detached from the world. Its like the earth start revolving again and its not only about myself anymore. Its about God’s grace that continually nourishes my soul to be more compassionate and understanding. I have to constantly reassure myself that these issues will come back, and I cannot handle it alone.

Ranting is healthy because it makes you evaluate your thoughts before you act accordingly to your feelings. It has a negative effect too when you complain long enough without getting to a solution. Being angry and sad are normal feelings too that need to be vented out to achieve balance.

What are your tips in staying sane when your feeling down? Does ranting publicly or writing help too? I would like to hear your opinion on these. Please leave a comment below.


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