On Blessedness

Why do some people seem to have it all together. They are the ones that lead a productive life, excellent skills, music, sports, career, looks, family life and all. They travel, have fun and seem to have an easy life.  There are times that you look at yourself and you barely can make it out of the bed. Are you less blessed than others?

Then as you walk by the corner street, you see a beggar rummaging through the garbage bins for something to eat. Here you are, dressed for work, a full stomach and a change to spare. Are you more blessed than the other person?

Your situation may not look good for now. But there is always room for change. Your sufferings may be seem unending. Because of the adversities in life, we remain to be grounded. We are more compassionate to the ones who are less fortunate and fragile because we once helpless. We are happier when we earn the fruits of our labor because we understand value of hardwork.

We freely receive God blessings daily. We become self-centered when we don’t acknowledge that God is responsible for everything that we have. We tend to hoard and accumulate worldly things and material wealth, in the process, we become insensitive to the needs of other. We always wish for something more than what we have and forget that God is already supplying our every need.

We derive our existence from God and living in continuous dependence on Him. He is gracious to us because  He first love us. No amount of good works can make us grant his favor. Being sinful doesn’t mean that God will stop bestowing His mercy and grace to us. Jesus Christ already has paid the price for the consequences of our sins. Because of His loving grace, we received the gift of salvation and eternity with Him. What more can we ask for?

In what aspects of your life are you thankful for? Would love to hear your insights on the comments section.





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