“Me time”

Here you are nearing your forties, you feel as if your life is drifting away. You are still living from paycheck to paycheck, you struggle to meet ends meet for your family and those who are depending on you.

You still have dreams, to better your life, to live comfortably with a modest income that suits your lifestyle for now.  No matter how hard we try to have security, what lies ahead in the future still remains bleak.

Your family and relatives depend on you. On your capacity to provide. They take advantage because you are giving. They ask for more of what they can get from you. You don’t get appreciated. It becomes your lifelong responsibility to be there for them.

Your children, spouse, and family’s welfare comes first. You put their needs first before your own. You perform your duties as a spouse, a parent to your children, a daughter/son caring for the elderly parent without any hesitation.

In the process of putting others first, your body and mind suffer the most neglect. You feel the most guilt if you sneak a time for yourself, or if you eat the last piece of brownie. You become vulnerable, you want to scream until you don’t feel anymore pain.

You can’t give something that you don’t have. If you don’t be compassionate to yourself,  you won’t be able to give yourself to the people who needs you. Taking care of your well-being and giving yourself time to process and identify all your emotions.

Give yourself some time for de stressing, a foot spa, a invigorating massage, a mani-pedi, a new haircut, reading a good book, taking a hiking trip or doing something to focus on your health and mind can really do wonders and boost your self-worth. Give God our gratitude for His infinite blessings and pray to ease our heartaches.


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