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Low carb Gyoza

Stuffed Cabbage Roll

I thought that with so few ingredients there was no way these could be good. I was surprised.

We actually ate them warm and cold and they were good in both ways.

Prep:30min  Cook:15min  Ready in:45min


1 medium egg


Onion and Garlic

Soy sauce and Calamansi

Garlic Salt, Salt and Pepper to taste

Minced Pork


Mix in cabbage, onion, garlic, ground pork, egg, garlic salt, salt and pepper. 

Place approximately 1 tablespoon of pork mixture in the center of each cabbage wrapper.

Fold wrappers in half over filling, and seal edges.

Place water into skillet and reduce heat. Cover and allow gyoza to steam for 15 minutes.

In a small bowl, mix soy sauce and Calamansi.

Use the mixture as a dipping sauce for the finished wrappers.

These do not seal like normal gyoza/mandu/potstickers, but they still hold up just fine

I loved these and will ask my boyfriend to make them again. I had never made them before and found that folding the cabbage wrapper to be a little tricky.

In the end, just know that they do not necessarily have to look perfect, they just have to be sealed really well.

A lot of work but definitely worth it.

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