Karma Chameleon

I can easily hold a grudge, when someone berates, belittles or take advantage of me. I get mad when after all the good things and service I did for this person, I am being accused of being an ingrate. When you are the one who is in need, they will have excuses not to help, or your request will be only in “seen” mode.

When a person owes you money, the borrower seems unaffected it seems. As time goes by, you will eventually forget the debt, might as well consider it gone. There is no sense of loosing sleep over a debt that has no chance of getting repaid. Everyone is struggling and  we should be thankful that you are not the one who owes someone. Being in debt is a huge responsibility and we don’t want to be in that position.

We can also be in debt to our family, friends, bosses when they give something that doesn’t involve money.  When a co-worker lends a helping hand even when not asked to, we would like to return the favor by being kind. Do we suck up to our bosses, when they give us a raise? When you are given a second chance, we try to prove our worth by giving our best. We are forever indebted to our beloved parents for giving us unconditional love.

We repay people that we love and respect with equal or not more. We give them our unwavering service and loyalty. After all, they deserve and earn our love.

They moment the tables turn, would we treat the people that we love differently? After all I did for you, this is how you repay me? We feel arrogant and our ego gets in the way. After all the years, would we bite the hands who feed us the moment they do us wrong? Are we ungrateful if we don’t get the promotion or raise that we deserve? If they betray us, would we turn away, or will we forgive?

Sometimes, we think that if people treat us unfairly that they should also be feeling the hurt that you feel. We judge people based on their intentions and what they do. We don’t know what is going on a person’s head but we get mad anyway. We wish them to fail because they failed us.

As the saying goes: “Revenge is the dish best serve cold”. Another quote is that “Karma has no menu, that you get served what you deserve.”  But do we really want bad things to happen to people who wronged us? Anger sometimes get the best of us. We should’t wish bad luck to anyone.

If the people who we trust abuses and mistreats us, do we hit them back? “According to Matthew 5:38, “But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.” We pray for those who do us wrong. I read about a mother who forgave the terrorists who hanged his son. They all had become witnesses to his son’s faith. What unwavering faith of a mother to forgive.

We get worried when we circumstances don’t seem to be on our side. We can’t truly comprehend what the big picture is. I get anxious the minute things become uncomfortable. I am reminded that fear is a tool by the devil to limit our hope. Fear is the opposite of faith. God is our refuge.

If life was fair, we get what we deserve.  We have secret and unknown sins that we are not proud of. We have impure and vengeful thoughts. We can never do enough good deeds for us to be loved by God. Jesus bore all our sins, and we can never repay what He did for us.  His grace is sufficient and is His power is made for our weakness. Grace is indeed the opposite of karma.


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