In the night sky

537A42B0-216E-480F-B754-A9BE5D7BA4A6.jpegI met the love of my life when I was in my early teens. If every person has one soul mate, I believe we were destined for each other.  Love’s truest form was connecting with your spirit and mind. Whenever I close my eyes, I still see your face the day we met.  You are the man of my dreams.

I didn’t care who was staring as we giggled and danced awkwardly at the dance floor. Being with you at the senior prom was the highlight of my high school life. It was funny because neither of us knew how to dance. I can still remember the fun night we had.

We used to see each other in campus a lot, although our eyes don’t usually meet, just side glances. I belong to a writing club and was ecstatic when you walked through the door and joined the club. We became instant friends just like that. You always tease me and tell me that my jokes are corny, but you laugh anyway. There wasn’t a dull moment and I looked forward to every waking day that I get to see you.

There were days after school where we just hang out and at the park and just talked about what we are going to do after college. I liked that you didn’t find my dreams silly.  You described your ideal mate as someone whose traits are like mine. I didn’t know If you really meant what you said or just your crazy antics to make me blush. Our relationship has no labels, and we didn’t care because we were enjoying what we had was special.

I heard from a mutual friend that your mother had passed. After high school, we lost touch. You left without saying goodbye.

I always thought that growing old with your soulmate is the best things that can happen in life. We were so much alike. We were both stubborn and reckless. We were both  goal-getters.  I am that person you believed in when I didn’t believe in my self. You knew me more than I know myself. You accepted my flaws and details. I hated that you left. It was a part of me that was crushed when you went away.

I still stare at the night sky hoping that you are also gazing and watching the same sky with me.








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