In search of the perfect gift

FA9082B6-98BE-4E86-8475-FAE9B4993BC9The most wonderful time of the year can be the most dreaded time to most people. Trying to plan the perfect thanksgiving and holiday meal can be a daunting task. Picking the perfect table centerpiece that will match with your table setting can be arduous when you are working with a tight budget with zero craft skills.

The holidays are fast approaching.  A sumptuous holiday meal surrounded by a festive decorations such that featured in the magazine cover, sounds like a perfect holiday dream. Tradition dictates that holidays should be lavished with expensive gifts  surrounding a tree. Can we truly enjoy the holidays without forking a ton of money on gifts and food? Not everyone can afford an extravagant meal on holidays.

As we are prepping for the gift giving season, it can pile us a lot of debt if we are not careful. Why do we we give gifts? Do we give because we expect to receive something in return? We put a lot of thought in our gifts, because we do care of the recipient. Giving gifts doesn’t have to be stuff or material things. May it be a card or a simple gesture, a phone call that reminds us that we are being thought of.

Everyone has different way of celebrating the occasion. The holidays are supposed to be a joyous occasion. But it can bring feelings of isolation and anxiety because of unmet expectations. It can bring sadness because of a loss of a loved one, health concerns or money issues.

What I remember most during these time are the smiles and laughs during family gatherings and occasions. Opening gifts with your name on it are just an icing on the cake. I do remember the enticing aroma of homemade meals, the warmth of hugs and anticipation of the wonderful memories yet to come.


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