“Good job”

I never stop telling my son “good job” whenever he accomplish an ordinary routine or simple task like remembering to brush his teeth without any prompting, answering his homework independently, finishing his dinner plate, swallowing bitter medicine, keeping basic manners and saying his graces.

How would you feel if somebody told you that “You are doing a good job, “You are appreciated or “Thank you for your service”? When you hear kind words ,it makes your heart blush and it is good to know that what your are doing is making a difference to someone’s life. It makes you want to do more or do your very best.

In times of crisis, It is a blessing to have a job that pays the bills. It is also a blessing to be of service even when we are not getting paid. It means that we are able, we have a sound body and mind, we are capable of lending a hand. We have a purpose.

Being safe at home, we are keeping our family well-nourished physically, spiritually, and emotionally. We are at wit’s end struggling to balance our checkbook, not knowing when we will be able to join the workforce again, preparing a healthy menu, or just doing our best to manage the household while trying not having a meltdown.

We may be staying home, but we can send comforting messages to a friend who is grieving a lost family member, someone who just tested positive for the virus, a burned-out co-worker, an anxious friend who just filed for unemployment. Would it make us smile if our neighbor, left a kind note at our doorstep? We are already making an impact by keeping a sound and open mind so we can offer ourselves to someone who needs prayer and assistance.

We shouldn’t take for granted our children who are being a good sport while juggling online learning, playtime and newly-assigned chores. To the housekeepers, life coaches, mask sewers, bakers, freelancers, farmers, accountants, the volunteers who donates their time or money for a good cause, the social media entertainers, the writers, influencers, artists, the researchers, the scientists and vaccine developers and all who are working behind the scenes, we realize their importance more than ever.

To the employers, understanding enough to keep their employees, while taking a direct hit themselves, to the shoppers who are supporting small businesses to keep their livelihood and the economy going, the food pantry workers, to the pastors devoting their time and sharing the the word online, the police officers keeping the peace, to the bankers, chemists, the engineers and IT folks, to those who are giving free online workshops, the keyboard warriors, the zoom/distance learning educators that are so understanding and hard trying not to laugh at the parents who are coaching behind the scenes, you all matter and your work is not in vain

The grocery workers, delivery people, postal workers, drivers, garbage collectors, maintenance workers who are also exposed to the elements everyday, the caregivers, healthcare workers, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, phlebotomists, medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians, medical examiners, cleaning and cook staff, your work is remarkable. It takes a lot of will power to get up and do the job knowing that your health, physically, emotionally and mentally is at risk the moment you step out of the door. It keeps us grounded knowing that what we do affects people directly and indirectly.

By saying “Good Job”, as if our life depended on it, will make a difference. To the overwhelmed, over fatigued, tired, worried, your words might be the only thing that will keep them afloat and keep on. Doing something small is extraordinary and inspiring to someone who needs it. It might be a lesson that we need to remember on a ordinary day or a not so ordinary time like this.

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