Fun times


We had a lot of fun things we planned to do over the summer. We are now reaching the last leg of the season and yet has to accomplish the list.  So far, swimming was the regular activity we had for my son since he’s enrolled in “perpetual” lessons. The routine was interrupted for 2 weeks now because of recurring ear infections he had but thankfully we got some ear drops from the pediatrician which help it clear up.

Here are some of our summer favorites:

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We had a blast at my son’s birthday at Airtime trampoline. The party was hassle-free. The host we had made sure that the party run smoothly from start to finish. It was worth every penny.  We also had a great time at our friend’s bowling party.

My son enjoyed the free robotics class from Microsoft. They have a variety of summer camps that sparks the youth’s imagination from Minecraft games to powerpoint. There is so much to learn.

We didn’t have as much outdoor activities this year like we planned to do. It still not to late for bike rides and strolls at the park. We are extremely grateful that we get to spend quality time with family and friends during the warm months.


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