Frozen Phone

I didn’t realize how much  I rely on gadgets until my smartphone started to have freezing problems. The first thing I thought was how I can’t afford to buy a new phone right now. Not being techy, I always resort to panic and being overly anxious. How can I survive without a phone? All my notes, appointments, diary and important information are all in there! I am doomed!

I need to back up in the cloud and erase unnecessary apps to free more space, I told myself. I need to save and erase all the pictures that’s been on there, since forever. I was loosing hope until a friend suggested to reset the phone and voila! problem solved, for now. At least I am still able to make and receive calls.

Back in our high school and college days, we only used mobile phones for mainly for texting because phone calls are very expensive. We survived without constantly checking our phones for any updates. We used notebooks, pen and papers, calendars, wrist watches and planners . Its amazing how one device can accomplish everything with different apps. Now, phones are deemed a necessity, almost every one, even little ones know how to use a device.

When I think about how trivial my problem was earlier. I have been spending a huge chunk of time browsing and looking on my phone. I have been watching a lot of you tube cat videos. I have been reading a lot of articles one after another. I have been very distracted. My quiet time praying and reading the Bible has become hurried and non-existent. It brought me to an awakening that I was prioritizing things of unimportance.

I am thankful that my phone had unfrozen. I wish I can spend less time on needless worries and spend more time to focus on things that matter most. It may be difficult, but it is doable.

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