Friends without Benefits

Social network has become an emotional outlet nowadays. Times have change, the internet community has become a powerful tool in marketing and communication. Usually whenever we see post online, we ask ourselves, are we are seeking approval, validation, or attention or do we just want to air out our sadness and frustrations?

Do we have an hidden agenda? I believe that supporting friends in social platform doesn’t cost anything, it can simply be liking and supporting a a good cause. Sometimes, posts can be repetitive, we can always filter the content that we want to see, without being disrespectful.

We post our life events, our simple highlight reels that may seem mundane to others. We post the simple things that make us smile, like a meal we enjoyed. It may be interpreted as humble bragging but in reality, these are just tiny snippets of our lives orchestrated just to embrace the moment.

Being coop out at home, we long for social interactions. Sometimes, the highlight of our day would be a group chat message, a funny meme, a video call or a text message out of the ordinary. Would be nice to get an unexpected message from time to time that doesn’t involve a favor. Like a simple” I am thinking of you- hope you are doing well- kinda thought.

Generally, we check our messages first thing, when we think of it. Usually it could be grocery lists, errands to run, reports to finish or more work stuff. It’s hard to ignore especially when the sender can see the message was delivered and seen. This instant messaging feature is violating our sacred space, it just demands a response right then, not to be rude of course.

Funny story, I received a friendly message from an long time guy friend, what I thought was a romantic gesture was just an attempt to borrow money. Don’t get me wrong, these are hard times, I know he is sincere and it takes a lot of guts to ask for favors. I hope I can help him without thinking that there will be any issues or obligations, especially with money involved. It’s just that complicated.

What I realize is there would always be some sort of misunderstanding when it comes to direct messaging. Sliding into DMS is the new way of saying hello when you want to have a private conversation with someone. I am so glad we are at the age past the dating scene. Hopefully, we are wiser, not judgemental, be respectful and not to assume anything.

Hope you are entertained, just a break from serious posts.

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