Fast and easy Chocolate low carb Icecream

Have you been following a low carb dairy free diet? Even if you aren’t, you should give this fast and easy ice cream recipe a try!

No ice cream maker needed for this smooth, creamy and sugar free healthy dessert.


You may need to play a bit with the sweeteners and the cocoa ratio to appease your personal preference.

I use 4 packets of natural stevia and 4 tbsp of unsweetened cocoa

2 tbsp Cream Cheese

Stick blender

2 tsp MCT oil

2 tbsp sliced almonds for toppings

1 box of chilled all purpose cream


Put all ingredients together

Mix all ingredients together using Stick Blender

Chill for 3 hours

Top it with sliced almonds and your favorite light or sugarfree chocolate syrup

 Serve and enjoy

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