Are you living to exist or existing to live?

Contemplating on my thirty something years on earth, made me evaluate my life in general.  As I googled away (yes…to me, the quickest way to find answers to life’s pressing  questions is google!), midlife crisis and existential crisis came up to my attention.

Not having any major health issues, having a nice home, a stable paying job, a loving husband, an energetic son and supportive parents, i thought i have it made. That my future is secure.

I am pretty contented with my life until I start questioning my self… is there more to life? Do I merely exist to take care of my son and do my wifely duties, eat, work, pay bills, sleep ,wash, rinse and repeat?

Well, again I don’t have the answers still at that point.  Skimming through some self-help books, talking to relatives and old friends and gathering information online were a quick emotional fix and wasn’t really much of an help. It made me feel emptier and more lost. Feeling of resentment, disappointment and discontentment ensued, more whys and what-ifs questions arose. It left me wondering, day dreaming and detached from reality…

What I really found out during my searching was that I am living with a purpose…A reason to live and to live life to the fullest.

When someone asks,  are you living to just to exist or are you truly living life, what is your response?




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