Dream Cake Craze

79E300F7-89E3-421A-AF7D-A71302FF07F38D6DD977-2850-4248-A9C4-A1DCA56AF87DA Feast to the eyes and palate, the ultimate Dream cake in tin can is a must try for chocolate lovers.  Indulge with layers of gooey decadent sweet chocolate with right amount of sweetness that will send a burst of sensation as you taste it’s melt in your mouth chocolatey goodness.

The desert is packaged in a tin can perfect for gifting that is dusted with semi-sweet cocoa powder or topped with chocolate bits or nuts. It has layers of moist chocolate cake ganache and smooth chocolate  pudding.

Why not try this drool worthy Dream cake everyone is talking about. For more information: #Hael’sKitchenetteDreamCake

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