Today is unlike any other day, you are stuck in a limbo,

In an endless twilight loop

Collecting your thoughts rationally.

Still,there wasn’t any clue.


So this is how it feels like to be trapped,

with nowhere else to run,

It is getting worse before it gets better.

Being helpless is not an easy feeling.


To know that you are in mercy of a higher power.

Is to be in a humbling state.

The control of any situation you cannot take.

There isn’t any place to run or hide.


You cannot bargain,

You are out of luck,

You picked up your last straw

The cards never in your favor anyway.


You are angry because you can’t have your way.

You wan’t to be in control.

It is your right to be right.

You can blame nobody but yourself.


You wanted things to end right this moment.

Why did I let myself fall to a trap?

I wanted to unhear the voices of doom.

To uncry my useless tears.


I am not ready to let go,

I could not move on just yet.

I wanted to tore down a closed door

I’m begging to please free my from my chains.


A  dead end  brick wall with no way in plain sight.

The agonizing truth that the pain will never dissipate.

There is no other choice but to surrender.

And prepare for the battle, to do it all over again.


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