Decrapification Plan

One of the baggage thats cluttering in our lives is uneccessary crap. This are the things that we keep and that are not beneficial to our well being.

What usually consuming most of our thoughts on a daily basis? A clear mindset help us focus on the things that are more important. Getting one task accomplished is better that several different tasks that is unfinished. Keeping a journal and having a checklist of things to do will help to remind us of our priorities and goals. The most difficult task is to make the first step. One my mid life goals in a household is a clutter-free life. It makes life a little less stressful, coming home to an organized place and a household with a system.

The organization begins in ourselves. We all have bad habits that we wished to change. Time spend idling is lost time. Checking social media and using gadgets all the time deprive our family and jobs of our attention. Family meals rushed, dinner conversations are ignored, paper works half finished. We can’t deny the importance of technology but we can always use it to our advantage. We can’t substitute instant messages and virtual hugs to the real things.

Sometimes, worries and anxiety we bring it on to ourselves. The paper bills, papers and junk mails that we ignore for years is now piling up in the drawer. The photos in our smartphones that now gone because we forgot to have a back up. The unhealthy snacks and half opened vitamin supplements of are taking over our pantries. The piles of clothes hanging on a treadmill that was only used the first year we bought it. Life happens. The things that we need to do or change remains unchecked.

We often neglect the things that we have and focus on the things that we want. A bigger house, a newer car, an Instagram worthy family. As I stare at my closet, I realized I accumulate a lot of material things from unworn clothes with tags still on, never used purses in their dust bags, gym shoes, yoga pants and sports bra that has never been to the gym. These items that I am saving for a special occassion to wear, the promise of going to work out, a cruise that I planned in my head. Memories that I wish to make. And some things that take up precious space, Some things we hold on to, that either has a sentimental value that we need to discard, toss out or donate and find a new home.

A Simple and content life is living within our means, putting our time and energy on more important things in life. These are our relationships with our spouse, our children, our families and friends and most importantly with God. Decluttering our minds on unnecessary things material and thoughts. Being content of the stuff we already have and having a cheerful and thankful heart that is willing to give. These are the choices in life we make.

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