Blessed to be stressed

The holiday celebration is the most wonderful time of the year they say. Ironically, it is the most stressful time of the year for many if not all. It can be emotionally, mentally, physically draining. Why do the supposed to be happiest time brings a lot of frustration, expectations and aggravation to many.

To have a smiling family with immaculately wrapped gifts surrounding a Christmas tree,a picture perfect table arrangement, would make a good face book profile picture. I truly admire those people who can pull it off without loosing their sanity.  It only happen once a year and we would expect it to be joyous occasion. Like most people suffer with anxiety, it is difficult to focus in the moment. The warm fuzzy feeling doesn’t last very long. Im glad that those fleeting feelings and emotions like the holidays came fast and gone.

The feelings of inadequacy intensifies during the holidays. Not having a significant other, not having enough money, not having children, not having a good relationship with family, not having good health or missing your love one who passed brings us feelings of despair and hopelessness. It is difficult to focus on what we have because we focus on the things we loss and do not have. For some, the holidays are days are endured and survived.

The holidays can be a time for reflection and grieving for all the things our heart longed for. Even for one day, on Christmas Day, can we try to forget the ugly and look at the things that make us happy. To have a child like attitude and to feel like a child again.  When I look at my son, as he opened his presents, he did not look at the price tags, the designer labels or who gave the biggest or more expensive gift, he genuinely is happy. He played with his toys and be as happy as he can be. Oh what fun it is. He is winning at life! At the end of the day, he still treasures his pieces of paper that he cut, writes and plays with.

All the good things come from our good Lord. The feelings of bitterness, jealousy, resentment, grudge and guilt should not harbor our hearts. God’s unconditional love give us unwavering hope that we can live our best life. The presents that we continue to  unwrap everyday and not just Christmas Day are many things tangible and intangible meant to be enjoyed and shared.





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