August Rush

Early mornings that doesn’t involve changing your oversized sleep shirt or loungewear into scrubs or work clothes is a definition of a relaxed weekend in my book.  Getting to wake up in tune with your natural clock and not having the alarm on snooze is setting your day to a great start. Enjoying a cup of coffee and protein filled breakfast that is unrushed typical of a laid back Saturday morning.

In an article that I read about productivity, suggests to tackle the hardest chores in the beginning of the day and the do the enjoyable and easier tasks such as catching up on your readings, emails, blogs last. I still tend to finish my paperworks in the nick of time just before the deadline which is becoming a routine. I need to reprogram my mind to focus on more important thing that doesn’t involve watching “in my feelings video” challenges. Watching a 10 minute how to make up video wasn’t in my agenda, I guess I need to be more focused and get my priorities in order.

August is my only son’s birthday month and we still haven’t started any preparations yet. He is on the spectrum and while he was non-verbal till he was four, he is a little bit chatty now. We are so grateful for the progress that he has made over the years. One of the social skill that he has been struggling is how to express his feelings. For his 8th birthday, he requested a trampoline party at the the game park. We are thrilled that my son is excited in the party idea. Last year he was not jolly at all.  He wasn’t enthusiastic to take part in the outdoor games for the superhero party we had in the backyard.  Like any kid that is into computer games, he likes to have a Roblox themed party. I don’t know if there will be a lot of  themed decorations or favors that will not cost a fortune in etsy or amazon. I thought for sure he would pick a lego party but I’m glad that he has developed his own personality. We are impressed that he can accomplish simple tasks such as taking his shoes off without help and big things such as adding grocery items in the cart (ha!)

This is my husband and son’s bonding moment today. Today was a warm day and a great day to paint the deck( no rain)1468E1D9-4863-458E-A869-004A44353FEB.jpeg

780DDBBA-DF1D-43A1-B0A8-1703A28F5DB1.jpegThis the simple dish I cooked for lunch: saucy stir fried Chow-mein noodles, which me and my husband happily devoured in one sitting. 7552CC7C-1D83-4A4C-82B3-58004E349749


It was the highlight of my day.






  • Tena

    My son’s birthday is also in the month of August and he’s on the spectrumas well…. He was actually first diagnosed with aspergers but also added high-functioning autism. You might not even notice unless you get to spending time with him and talking to him and then it can become more obvious. Mine just turned 17 😯.

  • Tena

    Not sure my last “comment” actually went through….

    My son’s birthday is also in August (He just turned 17 😮). He is also on the spectrum. Originally he was diagnosed w/ aspergers then they added high-functioning autism. His autism isn’t super noticeable unless you spend time with him or get to talking with him

  • Writing Sparkle

    A relaxing start to the day with a coffee and a book is great. I agree that getting the biggest chores done first is great and that is usually what happens after the coffee is done and the chapter finished. Writing comes later when there are no linger thoughts of laundry or groceries.

    August is a great month for birthday parties. Hope it goes well.

    Great post, thanks for sharing.

  • RDS

    Thank God for weekends to catch up with the chores. It feels great having it done early as possible. I agree with the lingering thoughts of undone chores. Thanks for stopping by.

  • RDS

    The fires in California are so devastating. Prayers for safety for everyone there. Thanks for stopping by.

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