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Midlife Lunacies is  about giving inspiration, ideas and positive outlooks on everyday living.  Also, to empower men and women who are going through midlife stage.

During our adult life, we are constantly struggling with the desire to juggle our careers, hobbies, managing the household, keeping up with parenthood, taking care of our aging loved ones, our own health at the same time while keeping our sanity.

Looking back at what we accomplish, the positive outcome of our hard work, we reflect and would like to share our journey. The negative by product of our mistakes,  the opportunities we didn’t take would be a part of the life lessons we share, which will eventually lead to drastic change or an overhaul or a baby step, whichever leads us to be our better selves, as we reassess life.

Pondering our own mortality and spirituality, we would aspire to leave our own imprint and legacy. What we are now is a by product of our dreams and aspirations when we are 5, which through our persistence, those dreams became a reality.  But not without any hurdles, as we know the life choices we made are part of it.

Midlife Lunacies comprise of team who wish to inspire others from sharing their expertise in different areas. From different viewpoints, success and failure stories , join us as we continue to learn from each other’s journey through this so called midlife.


































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