A Question of When

What’s happening in the world now, is like watching a post-apocalyptic movie scene, where you are protagonist and instead of zombies, you were being chased by a virus.  The movie which we are hoping for a twist to the story, that there is an alternate ending to which the main characters are spared and everyone get’s along in the end.That would be a satisfying conclusion.

It is no longer a question of if or how, but a question of when the inevitable will come upon us. The world is testing our coping and surviving skills more than ever. It’s what we have prepared for all our lives: the rainy days, the days that we would need to stock up on strength, compassion and resilience. 

We picture the distant future as something to look forward to. The trips we carefully planned in our heads. The we are excited for the vacation leave we saved for excursions and reunions. We envisioned our children reaching their utmost potentials

But fear has it’s funny way of creeping into our minds. The reality is that road is unclear. The future is uncertain, we thought that we had it figure out. We thought that if we have a great portfolio, a stable job, we are all set. We value our security like we are invincible, that we can steer our lives the way we want.

As we adjust to our new normal, maybe the change is for the good after all. Our focus is to keep rowing, amidst the turbulence. I think we are all going to make it together.If we look at the bigger picture, that are our lives our intertwined, and that we can make a difference if we become a part of the solution. Instead of bickering and pointing fingers, we can think of viable plans and long term solutions. 

There are things that we thought we cannot live without. We appreciate today that we can hug our loved ones because in just a blink of an eye we can be isolated. The luxury of traveling, going to the movies, gym, eating out  will never be the same. Not being able to worship services physically is testing our faith.

It is question of when. When time comes, we will realize what is important. To find great joy in the small things. To be selfless and kind. That is what humanity is all about.

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