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As I scroll my IG feed, I cannot help but admire the before and after pictures of people who underwent extreme weight loss either thru diet, training or weight loss surgery. What brought them to have the courage and perseverance to reverse or change their lifestyle and dietary habits?

As defined by World Health Organization (WHO), health, is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being, a dynamic condition resulting from a body’s constant adjustment and adaptation, in response to changes in the environment for maintaining an inner equilibrium. Genetics, amount of physical activity, clean environment ,nutrition, emotional stress, lifestyle are some factors that determines good health.

What keeps us from engaging in an active lifestyle? Why do we choose to grab a sugary pastry instead of a celery or carrot for a snack? We are armed with knowledge on the benefits of healthy eating and regular exercise but still we end up making wrong choices. We tend to indulge in sumptuous meals and give in to mouthwatering cravings in return for added weight. A snooze in a comfortable bed is more tempting than a day at the gym.

Procrastination teaches us to wait for tomorrow to start a meal plan or an exercise regimen. Years of unhealthy eating and sedentary lifestyle adds up and as we know will lead to a lot of health problems. An ounce of prevention is better than a lengthy stay at the hospital for a blocked artery or kidney failure.

Everybody has to write their own story.  The before picture is a part of our life that serves as a motivation for our after picture. The confidence lies in accepting our own body image and not giving in to the society standard of magazine-perfect- body image.  Our journey a progress in the making. We may stumble, fail or give up, The true test is to get back standing after we fall.

The bottom line is that we have to take responsibility for all our actions and decisions. Having a healthy lifestyle, balancing career, rest and activities, handling stress can add years to our life but having a God driven purpose and a positive attitude will add life to our years.

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