A Beautiful Mess


It just happened, all of a sudden, someone pop into your mind for no reason you can’t think of.

As if there is a strong energy directed at this person that you must hear from him/her.

Like pieces of puzzle you want to put together,

Maybe you saw a post that triggered a thought. Maybe you want to tell this person you are thinking of him/her without trying to sound intrusive. You feel theres something wrong but just cannot pinpoint what it is.

The universe is conspiring that something important is bound to happen.

There is a voice inside of you telling you to give him/her a call or send them a text without really looking for an response.

I am okay…Three words convey a lot of hidden meaning. What they really want to say is life has just been so hard right now. It means that he/she don’t want to talk about it but maybe will do when the time comes. Or it maybe “I just need a hug right now”.

You can’t help but pray for this person.

Whatever it is, will be.

Everyone had their all fair share of trials. At one point in our lives, we all have been broken. Our lives shattered that we don’t know how will we can ever pick up the pieces.

You never know when someone is thinking of you. Praying for you. And it all make a difference. To someone who had their last straw, a simple smile or I am thinking of you, can make a difference.

It does and it did made a difference in my friends life. She was at one point about to jump off a building. She was in a brink of of desperation and just had about enough. I didn’t know what situation she was in but I truly believe that prayers were heard and that moment was a truly turning point.

Out of a blue you hear from someone you haven’t heard from ages. Someone telling you to hang in there despite the difficulties, may be a sign that God is telling you something.

Your may not see your worth, but God does. Embrace the tears and brokenness. Don’t wait until you are ready to answer Gods calling.  God uses the rescued to rescue His people( Christine Cain)  While we are still a mess, God saw the beauty in us.

If you feel a tug in your heart to reach out to a someone.do it.  It may be just a sweet note saying that you are thinking of them. It may be a just a simple prayer. The simplest thing,  may change someones life. Like it did mine.






  • Mac

    I think it is important to reach out once you think of that person. Kahit one text lang to say hi to make your presence felt. It lifts up the spirit- and that is how I feel if someone reaches out to me that I’ve lost contact with many years ago.

    I love this post Tich.

  • RDS

    Thanks for the beautiful insight Tich! Agree with all you said, maybe its God’s way of communicating thru us or thru them, we never know!

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