• Remote learning thoughts

    A lot of changes happened since the quarantine. Everybody has slowly been adapting especially the children who also been slowly adjusting with this whole new experience.

    Distance learning was  challenging because everyone is still learning the ropes. , Surprisingly, everybody managed the mishap well enough. educators were the real superstar.

    It was without a lot of hurdles, there are times that we were not able to participate in the zoom meetings, because of internet connections, scheduling conflict. Sometimes, we also missed the meetings because we forgot what day it was, which was funny but it was no excuse. There were a lot of reading materials for a short span of time. There were laptops provided for use for those who need it.

    It was overwhelming at first.  My son was uninterested and needed a lot of break. The daily assignments were to be completed each week. The goal of  Schoology is to work on each subject for approximately 30 minutes each or depending on the student.  Monday to Thursday schedule was ELA,Math,Social Studies/Science. The afternoon schedule was for arts, music, media center and PE. There were class meetings every Wednesday and a reading group on Fridays and speech therapy support.

    Zoom Pictionary Game

    Zoom meetings were something to kids look forward to. The students played games such as scavenger hunts, pictionary, charades and story times. They enjoyed the around the house scavenger hunt game where they look for something purple, cute, small or squishy . It was fun to watch them interact with each other. They were polite, respectful and mannerable . The final project was to make a Famous person’s biography. The kids had a blast doing the presentation.
    I don’t know how teachers do it. It was exasperating sometimes when the kids were interested in doing other things except for their schoolwork .  Empathy and patience truly are virtues someone who teaches must possess.  Reverse psychology sometimes helps, in which they will do the opposite that you want them to do. A little bribe and a lot of encouragement helps too. There is no magic trick.

    I felt pressured for my son because I felt that he is behind on his academics. Thankfully,  he was able to complete the tasks with supervision and a lot of fussing. Learning will not stop at remote learning. This summer, we strive to focus on the weak areas and celebrate the strengths.

    It was truly an awesome experience for the students, parent and teachers alike. They celebrated the last school with a zoom party. Their time capsule will be memories filled with laughs and giggles and the bonus is that you are a witness to this special moment.

    I was surprised to receive the certificate the teacher emailed. The kids were not the only ones who learned . The parents got more than what they bargained for, in a strange turn of events. It was a humbling learning experience.

    Online learning takes the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child.” to a whole new level. What are your homeschool experiences and suggestions and what do you look forward to the oncoming school year? Would like to hear your thoughts on these. Thanks for your time!

    Thomas Jefferson’s Biography Brayden’s wax museum project

  • The Viral Nopeet Eyewear


    This viral eyewear is taking the internet by storm. When I saw it the first time on Iamhearte’s IG account, i thought that only a fashion icon can rock this trend. Like a virus, its charm is spreading like wildfire all over social media.

    If you like to try a unique, fashionable and sporty eyeglass/eye shield, or if you want to switch up your look, you might want to try the Nopeet brand.  Dubbed as the “New Normal Eyewear”, Straight Outta Future features:

    Lightweight polycarbonate frames; 100% UVA and UVB protection

    Rubber details on the nose, adjustable nose pad and forehead pads.

    Nopeet is the brainchild of two friends of humble beginnings. While they were on a South African trip, they got an idea from a souvenir glasses shop. The eyeglasses got a lot of attention at home that people were all asking where they came from. They two friends returned to the vibrant shop a year later to get some more of the  “glimmering orgasm makers.” Upon learning that the shop was closed, they ventured on making their own.

    The sleek design offers practicality, it acts as a face shield and visor.

    The intergalactic design reminds us of the moonwalker shades that astronauts wear , you can also see similar types in the runway.

    The face shield gives the mysterious look, perfect for introvert types, or those who are not a fan of eye make up. The downside is that you might get too much attention because of it’s unique and cool vibe.

    The name “Nopeet” in Finnish means fast or speed. It’s functionality can be used in sports and outdoor activities like snowboarding, skiing, cycling, ice skiing, running, roadrips, camping, fishing or even going to the beach.

    The possibilities are limitless.

    It offers UV ray protection and helps protects the eyes against any harsh weather conditions.

    It can be worn over prescription glasses, it also has a cool flip-up feature.

    For the price of $69, it’s a good value for those who like this kind of style and practicality. It is a bold statement piece that can be worn for a long time.

    Pros: super cute design, versatilite ( you can use it as a face shield/visor/Face covering), comfortable to wear, can be used over prescription eyeglasses, versatile, unisex, it’s a win-win!

    Value: durable, good quality

    Cons: price, may draw a lot of attention

    Iamhearte sporting Da shield


    Da shield from Da ” I can see clearly now “side


    Da shield:


    Here, you can browse the  Nopeet eyewear collection:


    If you like to try other similar style brands, this Super Large Futuristic Oversize Shield Visor Sunglasses Flat Top Mirrored Mono Lens 172mm (gradient blue) is a great choice if you want to get that sophisticated look on a budget.



    Face shields has become a useful accessory and being able to find a pair that suits your need is important. It is a fun trend to switch up your look. What will never go out of style is self-confidence and a fun personality!

    Thank you for taking time to read this review. If you have any insights, suggestions or violent reactions, I appreciate if you leave a comment below.

    Disclaimer: This is a personal Blog. Views and opinions expressed are personal only. Photos belong to their respective owners. I did not receive compensation for writing this article. Some links may be affiliated.

  • Ultimate Throwback

    With the current crisis situation we are dealing, each person are coping in different ways. Being alone in our thoughts, we still long for the days when we were still at our prime. We think of the past as a bridge that connects us  to the glorious adventures of our vigorous self . A road to a remembered past is a lane we would look back from time to time.

    We desperately want to go back to our old normal. The familiar place in the time before everything changed. It takes us back to the carefree days of yesterday. The 90s signifies the beginning of an era for the generations who can relate, full of aspirations and hope. In our minds, the whole world is our playground. Our first taste of independence is something to be celebrated. We can be whoever we want to be. This is the time when we reach a crossroad on deciding which path we want to take. 

    While some choose to have a family early on in life, some remained single, some called it quits and some separated with their partners. Some focused on their career, took a second and third course, some worked abroad, some stay close to home. It all lead us all to become the person who we always meant to be.

    All the events lead to today’s destination. Did we have any regrets? Would’ve we done things differently, if we were to go back in time? Will we make the same mistakes? Will we still choose the same path if we are given the second chance? Or will we take a another chance with a long lost love?

    The fickle mindedness of our youth was once an overture to the lessons that are instilled in us.

    There is a greater plan…

    What a happy accident on how all the great artists of today unite and make uplifting music videos in social media platforms! The songs paint a picture, triggering the unconscious to relive a painful but sweet memory that was once forgotten.

    I can still remember giggling nervously while me and my friends were making anonymous DJ request songs and dedicating it to our crushes.

    I can still hear the sound of the old dial up internet tone,  savoring the chats and text message on my first mobile phone.

    Listening to old songs and rewatching old movies will bring us to a time when we first heard and enjoyed them.

    I still remember the song in my heart, I feel a tug,  the feeling I had when I still think of my forsaken love.

    The time stood still, when your crush finally called you by your first name. The first incidental meeting, the letters of romance, and the goodbyes of heartbreak are still vividly imprinted.

    I wouldn’t trade a folded hand written love letter over a text message.

    What I wouldn’t give to use a payphone and rotary phones again and getting surprised with who the person on the other end is.

    I would not trade the remembrance of the shrill laughter my best friends make to a face book memory post.

    Not being weirded out by making a picture shrine of your crush, putting him in the pedestal in the hope that one day, all the stars will align and universe will conspire that you are meant to be together.

    Not being accused of a being stalker when you plan your day around that special someone , possibly bumping in to each other, imagining him picking up the book that you dropped purposely.

    I could not fathom the perfect meeting as you gaze into the depth of his soul, wondering what color your children’s eyes would be like.

    What I would not trade for another surprise encounter of you!

    When you can talk about all the things under the sun and never get tired of it.

    Those were the days when fellow romantics were a sucker for believing in serendipity.

    We would fantasize that a story book romance like the Prince’s bride still exists but believe that love stories can be as tragic as Romeo and Juliet’s.

    Like a rereading a good book,  listening to a record on repeat, in a sacred space I would hold you dear.

    Nostalgia is like an old friend who brings us excitement whenever  she crosses our mind. Nobody can take away our past, our identity, we owe it to her who we are now.

    Dwelling in the past for too long can be a trap that lead us to become powerless with her charm, like being lured into a trance.

    Today’s present would be the past in the distant future. The good ole glory days of this decade will soon fade like a thing of the past, we enjoy every moment as they come. We only have one moment to cherish, and the only moment we have is now.


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