• Like a Rocking Chair

    When I was young, I kept a journal with inspirational quotes. Little did I know, up to now, the morals that it taught still instill within me. I am still fascinated reading human interests short stories and anecdotes mainly because I never had the patience to finish a novel. Usually I am mainly just interested in the highlights and like to know the ending.

    Our lives is similar to an unfinished novel. Sometimes we like to skip to the happy ending part, when the villains are defeated. Except for the Game of thrones book, all the heroes are perishing. Such a good way to torture the readers,George R.R. Martin!

    I admire quotes and writings from famous humorist and a best selling author, Erma Bombeck . As a newspaper columnist,she wrote serious columns mixing in bits of humor (wikipedia) One of her popular quotes is “Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you very far”

    Sometimes anxieties get the best of me.  The stress cause serious mental anguish. If you are not careful it can overtake your life. Ridiculous it may sound, some of my legitimate worries are: Worry that your loved one will get kidnapped at the park or at the mall, Or a bomb threat at the train station. Or a stampede at the concert.  Or that the burglars will steal your identity. The constant fear paralyzes me at one point.

    According to statistics, 85% of what we worry never happen. The imagined scenario and exaggeration is more difficult to handle than the situation itself. We have the choice to let go of the worry. Enjoy the moments. A positive outcome of the situation is not always guaranteed.  But it helps to breath deeply.

    God is always in control of the situation. Fear is of the enemy. Some problems may never go away, but we are promised the peace that “passes understanding” (Phil 4:8) amidst the struggles and fear.

    How do you handle worries that are unconsciously disturbing your peace? Would like to hear your insights in the comments below.

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