• Don’t do Something that you’ll Regret Tomorrow

    Now that it’s summer, to those who are disciplined enough to maintain a clean diet, work out regimen, the time has come to flaunt the body they worked hard for all this time. Hiding the bulges with the oversized sweater won’t be necessary. Summer barbecues, fishing, swimming, outdoor activities means that wearing tank tops, shorts, skirts and outfits that bare a lot of skin are in session too…

    For some people, they are dreading swim suit season! The donuts and Big Mac calories eventually makes its way into the thighs and those unnecessary places. Indulging on the occasional treats became more frequent and uncontrolled. The promise of stepping on a elliptical or starting a workout routine never come through.

    We all know the benefits of eating greens, fruits and drinking tons of fluids are vital for our well-being. But yet, our body craves into the mouthwatering sugar laden goodies that we know that we don’t have any business eating. As the saying goes, everything is okay in moderation. But how do we define moderation? We tend to reward ourselves with a big slice of chocolate cake, or a handful of chips after  eating a bite of lettuce. A little of the indulgence becomes a dangerous habit because we go beyond our limits.

    There is no time for regretting that slice of birthday cake that you devoured last week. We all know that the once slice lead to another. Our body crave for the instant gratification but still not satisfied. The worst feeling is when you feel your body crash after all the inflammation we feed our bodies.

    The road to fitness is a lifestyle change, no easy fix and fad diets. I hope that the quote by Sean Patrick Flanery, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for” would be a motivation to start a good habit today.

  • Keto Strawberry Ice Cream

    Take advantage of having strawberries at home with this simple, but creamy strawberry ice cream recipe.

    Cream, cream cheese, and fresh strawberries burst with every bite.


    All purpose cream, Cream Cheese, Natural Stevia, Strawberries

    Hersheys Lite Syrup


    Mix Fresh strawberries, 1 box of all purpose cream, 4 sachets of Natural Stevia, and 2 tbsp Cream cheese using Stick Blender

    Blend for 3-5 minutes

    Chill for 3 Hours


    Top it with strawberry and your favorite Chocolate syrup

    Serve and Enjoy

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