• Letters to the daughter/s I’ll never have (part 2)

    On Books

    Dear ones,

    We were never a rich family growing up, but we had enough for our daily needs. It’s just that the extras were a luxury so we made do with what we had. On the one hand I learned to be content, but it made part of me want to study hard so that I could have a job someday that would make me able to afford the extras.

    One of the extras I have always yearned for was books. Not the academic ones, because Mama made sure all our educational needs were met. We had a complete set of encyclopedia, science library, our school books, the Bible. They made sure we had those in case we needed to do research for school. But what I wanted was the fiction type books, literature type, magazine type, that spoke of the current era.

    So as a child, I loved reading the newspaper, not the front page, but the opinion page and the lifestyle section. And we had an uncle who lived with us while growing up who subscribed to Reader’s Digest. Every month his copy would come and I felt like I always got to it first (poor Tito Yongie). In high school and college, I would borrow books from my fellow bookworms, and I saved some money from my allowance so I could also buy books and lend it to them.

    Books offered me adventure, without me having to leave the house. It provided me with knowledge about other places, even if I wasn’t really there. It widened my horizon. It provided me with other people’s take on certain things, a perspective on life that came not just from my parents and teachers. I guess being a reader helped me to be who I am now. It is a culmination of all the things I acquired through my love for the written word.

    Nowadays, it is easy to acquire knowledge through browsing the internet. And I am glad, you don’t have to spend so much. But just a word of caution..like I said, it could influence you and shape you to somebody who you would be in the future. Just make sure you would like that future version of yourself, after all you would be the one to live with her everyday. Always remember that it starts with the things you allow you enter your mind today. Whatsoever things are just, pure, lovely, if there be any virtue or praise, think on these things. Be willing to filter the stuff you read. Not everything in the internet should be your truth. Remember what  James said.


    Sincerely, your mom,


  • Letters to the daughter/s I’ll never have

    I will never have a daughter. But I have a loving husband and two sons who fill my days to the brim that I never feel the lack of anything in my simple life (except maybe a few more hours of sleep?). But in the rare moments of peace and tranquility this mother indulges in on occasion, I often wonder if she was here, what would our life be? What would I tell her? How would I mother her? Would she hate me? Will it be possible for me to hate her?

    Then I realize that these questions will never be answered because what is not will never be. But, granting that I have two sons, two beautiful nieces and a nephew, I thought maybe I could write these musings down so that someday they might read it or share it with their daughters, or maybe even my own granddaughters.

    Hence, what I’ve learned in life as a woman would still be imparted to the future female branches of this family tree. And so these letters begin, from a mother who, in my 5 year old’s vocabulary, is a “NUB” in this thing called motherhood


    On God

    Dear ones,

    I would like to start this series of letters with the most important topic I think you should learn in your young hearts. And this is about God our Father. I have come to know Him through a Catholic church at first, then a Baptist church, first Fundamental, then Conventional Baptist, whew…. those were a lot of churches, and a lot of spellings…. And through my life I have learned that religion, denominations and sect, cannot separate us from HIS love.

    Yes my dear ones, that is right. I believe establishing a relationship with Him is more important than being a faithful member of any congregation or being part of religious practices. You see dear ones, these things follow, when you have Him already in your hearts. But who is He really? Granting that while we are still here on earth, we could never see Him physically? or hear His voice? or feel His touch? My loves, sometimes the intangible things, they are the ones that fill our hearts with so much love and happiness it overflows.

    In the 38 years that I have known Him, I will describe Him to you as He was to me.

    HE IS A ROCK…, solid, never wavers. I have been in different phases in my life, the religious do-gooder, the angst ridden teenager, the rebellious young adult, yet His faithfulness never ceases to amaze me. He is still there through all of it, not withholding His blessing, guidance and love even when I am unfaithful .

    HE IS LOVE, eternal, unending. Many times in our lives we will be rejected by the people we love and value the most, but He never will because He is love. Nobody really knows true love unless he knows God. And His love never fails.

    HE IS A MIRACLE WORKER. He does the impossible. In the bible he raised up the dead, turned water into wine, made the blind see. That same God is still Him today and he can work through you, no matter how untalented and insignificant you think you are. He can use you, if you only let Him…. in faith.

    He is everything you will ever need in your future lives. Trust me on this, because a relationship with Him will keep you anchored through life’s ebbs and flows, storms and drought, tears and joy.

    Even if you forget Him, He is still there, that is how awesome He is. And all the letters I will write you will have a part of Him in there. Because I love you, and I hope that His love will shine through me too.

    Sincerely, your Nub mom,

    to be continued…

  • Easy Berry Creamy Keto Ice Cream

    Who says good food isn’t delicious
    I know you’re all looking for something that’s easy to follow and I set out to make something just exactly that.

    This ice cream is easy to throw together. The hard part is waiting for it to chill completely, which takes a few hours.

    No Cook Easy Berry Cream Cheese Keto Ice Cream

    5 Ingredients in 4 Easy Steps


    Immersion Blender

    (you can use Hand mixer)

    1 cup Berry Medley

    strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and blackberry

    1 tsp Virgin Coconut Oil

    2 tbsp cream cheese

    5 sticks of Natural Stevia

    1 1/2 carton of “chilled” All Purpose Cream or Heavy whipping Cream


    1. Blend all ingredients with your immersion blender or hand mixer until double the volume (3-4 minutes)

    2. Combine it with 1/2 cup Berry chunks (using a spoon or spatula)

    3. Chill for 2-3 hours

    4. Serve and enjoy

  • Forgiving the Debtors

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we were to live debt free? No need to worry about cable bills, mortgage or credit card bills. The monthly bills will pile up if we don’t have a job to sustain our lifestyle.  After all, the bills we incur are reflection of what our needs and wants are.

    The debts and the interests continue to accumulate and therefore make it difficult to pay back. Even basic necessities such as food and medicine becomes harder to afford. Money issues start to take control of our spending habit. Sometimes a person have to choose if he will buy groceries or will skip paying the debt on the gas bill.

    It is wise not to get into debt in the first place. Being responsible to not to buy impulsively and beyond your means is one thing.  But life is very unpredictable. Our paychecks is not guaranteed because of a job loss, accident or sickness. The company that we work for may go bankrupt or the business may be slow.

    Because of unforeseen events, the company that I worked for finally decide they are going to file chapter eleven. It was very frustrating for the both the business owner and all the employees loosing money and their livelihood.  Blaming the owner or the management will only cause resentment for both parties.

    We try our best to work diligently but sometimes our efforts doesn’t always equate to getting paid well. There are employers who are greedy and there are those who are generous. To the generous boss, why is it so easy to give our respect and loyalty? To the inconsiderate boss, it is hard for us to wish them well.

    This experience reminds me that the circumstance may be out of our control, but our reaction to it may bring out a uplifting outlook or develop a negative perspective. Holding a grudge and having regrets will only rob us of true peace. Life goes on, forgive the people who wronged you even if they don’t ask for it. Pray for our debtors. It may not always be the outcome you want, but it is always God’s perfect will that prevails and I am content with that.

  • The Cult of the Lonely

    I would like to start my posts with this topic:

    One of the regrets most of us face is a loss of a romantic love. Whether it’s real or even unrequited. Whether it materialized or in some crazy sense, imaginary, it will definitely leave a gap somewhere within us.

    Don’t get me wrong but having this “gap” might actually be healthy for everyone because it links us to our younger self, it retains that strong burning desire that might, in all honesty, fade, in a way, as we age. It teaches us two very valuable lesson of life:

    Appreciation and Moving on.

    The Cult of the Lonely

    What we were
    What you’re not
    Have I heard what you said
    Go away, No, hold me tighter
    Clasp my neck,
    squeeze my throbbing heart
    Tattooed memories turned echoes in mind
    Now your lips I would not dare touch
    Your heartbeat now I could never feel
    For now I turned numb
    Might be so are you not
    For then you turned blind
    Senses lost, a heart broken
    The gift you gave
    From me you have stolen
    So now what we are
    Are but once we’re not

    Comments are appreciated. Thanks

  • What’s Truly Important on Mother’s day

    Receiving hand made cards, flowers, an extra special treatment for special women is always anticipated on Mothers day. The celebration brings sentimentality and deep appreciation to the great women who influenced, nurtured and cared for us. The commercialization aspect of this tradition forces great expectations and unnecessary guilt to strained relationships.

    To the demented elderly mother, who seldom get visits to the nursing home, to the bereaved mother never gets a phone call from estranged children, the occasion is not any different from any day.

    For some, this is a time for reflection for the persons who suffered a loss of a child, miscarriage or battling with infertility.

    Although the memories live forever, missing a deceased loved one also intensifies during this time.  An child who is abandoned or abused as a child will have a different story to share.

    No holiday should isolate people, making a person feel inadequate  whether the feelings are reciprocated or not. A person’s capacity to nurture and be loved is not measured by the ability to have children of their own. Nor does a mother’s love be measured on the ability not to make mistakes.

    To be able to share our time or resources in the time of need, lend a hand or a shoulder in a times of difficulty, a listening ear in a time of sorrow or an unexpected visit or call would be more appreciated than any hallmark card on a given day.





  • Low Carb Cinnamon Cream Cheese Pancakes

    For anyone who seems to be always strapped on time and wants a simple and satisfying meal, i recommend this easy keto pancake recipe. I found out that there are a lot of delicious keto recipes that I can try and would satisfy my cravings for sweets.

    Fluffy low carb cinnamon cream cheese pancakes (Sugar Free) suitable for a low carb and ketogenic diet, but you’d never tell! 

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