What do we use social media for?

Social media as defined by Merriam-webster's dictionary, are forms of electronic communication ( such as websites for social networking ) through which people create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, etc. Social media, has become a new religion, for some. Its' popularity has skyrocketed, almost everyone using it is hooked to it. For … Continue reading What do we use social media for?

Hunter for Target Collaboration Review

Hunter for Target Kid's Packable Raincoat in silver     I was ecstatic that the British brand, Hunter, in collaboration with Target,  has released the limited edition collection this spring.   Featuring their signatured iconic rain boots, stylish raincoats, waterproof backpacks, super cute clothing and accessories,  the collections are trendy, colorful and affordable.    One of … Continue reading Hunter for Target Collaboration Review

Decrapification Plan

One of the baggage thats cluttering in our lives is uneccessary crap. This are the things that we keep and that are not beneficial to our well being. What usually consuming most of our thoughts on a daily basis? A clear mindset help us focus on the things that are more important. Getting one task … Continue reading Decrapification Plan