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What would be the world like if people don’t have control over their words and blurts out whatever first comes to their head? When there are no censorships in conversations when you can tell the person what you really mean without considering their feelings? Much like the internet, where everyone has their own opinion and common sense is thrown out the window.

We wouldn’t say akward remarks to a stranger about how you don’t like their choice of clothing, foods or their hobbies. As we scroll down social media, we wonder how awesome some of the so-called influencers well put together life are, seems to be excelling in every aspect. How easy their life seems to be, sporting a well-balanced lifestyle. We become critical in some sort and try to figure out their achilles heel, that maybe their life is not as perfect at it may seem to be. Maybe their countertops are not spotless or maybe they are hiding dirt under their couches.

Social media should be the least of anyone’s thoughts and concern. While it is great to browse inspiration on similar interests accounts and groups, it shouldn’t be ideal to desire what they have or to copy their lifestyle. We shouldn’t be distracted to our own life purpose and goals.

Half the year already has gone, it is safe to conclude that we are still figuring out what our priorities in life are. Should we be more focused on our physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health? I follow several entrepreneur, wellness, fashion and travel blogs, to name a few, with interesting content. They have years of expertise on their niche. Sometimes, it makes your achievements feel miniscule compared to theirs.

I could only vouch for myself, I could not be or will ever be somebody I am not. Vicariously living someones adventure on instagram , would be a recipe to develop an imposter syndrome.Having to doubt your abilities, being insecure and having low self-esteem triggered by what we see on the internet. I stop obsessing over wanting to be an idealistic version of myself and start building realistic goals.

Seeking a path I would like to be proud of, not for accolades or validation. To build a legacy that would make a positive difference to someones life, not to brag or seek admiration. Restarting and seeking alternate routes on a journey that doesn’t seek approval, only to the One who matters.

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