The Love That Never Happened

You came in the right moment when I was down, I needed someone to talk to. As if you knew that I needed you. You shared your intimate thoughts with me, your aspirations and your frustrations.  I am looking forward to the day when our paths will collide, which is next to impossible.

I could get lost staring at your dark brown eyes and feel as if the the clock stop ticking. Your voice is of a soothing sound, the kind that refreshes the soul after a long day. How can I ever forget your perfectly tousled hair and your infectious laugh?

There is no sadness when we were together. Being with you, brings out the best in me. The thought of you comes to my mind whenever I hear a romantic song. You are the person I always imagined that I will end up with. So  I thought.

The idea of you is that of perfection, unblemished by reality. The what-ifs, and should’ve been and the whys of an almost relationship keeps me longing for more. The thought of you still brings an excitement I cannot contain.

I will never know if the feelings were ever mutual. You send me mixed signals that I could not comprehend. Reality hits that there will be no answers and closures to this insanity.

Why is the love that never happened is hard to forget? How can you miss the mouth you never kissed, the hands you never held, the love that never existed? The relationship that never came to actualization?

To a love that has no beginning and no ending, The idea of you will remain preserved. In a parallel world, our lines will never ever meet.  Somewhere, in this time, you exist, in a distant memory, there you remain.



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