• The Viral Nopeet Eyewear


    This viral eyewear is taking the internet by storm. When I saw it the first time on Iamhearte’s IG account, i thought that only a fashion icon can rock this trend. Like a virus, its charm is spreading like wildfire all over social media.

    If you like to try a unique, fashionable and sporty eyeglass/eye shield, or if you want to switch up your look, you might want to try the Nopeet brand.  Dubbed as the “New Normal Eyewear”, Straight Outta Future features:

    Lightweight polycarbonate frames; 100% UVA and UVB protection

    Rubber details on the nose, adjustable nose pad and forehead pads.

    Nopeet is the brainchild of two friends of humble beginnings. While they were on a South African trip, they got an idea from a souvenir glasses shop. The eyeglasses got a lot of attention at home that people were all asking where they came from. They two friends returned to the vibrant shop a year later to get some more of the  “glimmering orgasm makers.” Upon learning that the shop was closed, they ventured on making their own.

    The sleek design offers practicality, it acts as a face shield and visor.

    The intergalactic design reminds us of the moonwalker shades that astronauts wear , you can also see similar types in the runway.

    The face shield gives the mysterious look, perfect for introvert types, or those who are not a fan of eye make up. The downside is that you might get too much attention because of it’s unique and cool vibe.

    The name “Nopeet” in Finnish means fast or speed. It’s functionality can be used in sports and outdoor activities like snowboarding, skiing, cycling, ice skiing, running, roadrips, camping, fishing or even going to the beach.

    The possibilities are limitless.

    It offers UV ray protection and helps protects the eyes against any harsh weather conditions.

    It can be worn over prescription glasses, it also has a cool flip-up feature.

    For the price of $69, it’s a good value for those who like this kind of style and practicality. It is a bold statement piece that can be worn for a long time.

    Pros: super cute design, versatilite ( you can use it as a face shield/visor/Face covering), comfortable to wear, can be used over prescription eyeglasses, versatile, unisex, it’s a win-win!

    Value: durable, good quality

    Cons: price, may draw a lot of attention

    Iamhearte sporting Da shield


    Da shield from Da ” I can see clearly now “side


    Da shield:


    Here, you can browse the  Nopeet eyewear collection:


    If you like to try other similar style brands, this Super Large Futuristic Oversize Shield Visor Sunglasses Flat Top Mirrored Mono Lens 172mm (gradient blue) is a great choice if you want to get that sophisticated look on a budget.



    Face shields has become a useful accessory and being able to find a pair that suits your need is important. It is a fun trend to switch up your look. What will never go out of style is self-confidence and a fun personality!

    Thank you for taking time to read this review. If you have any insights, suggestions or violent reactions, I appreciate if you leave a comment below.

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