• The Cult of the Lonely

    I would like to start my posts with this topic:

    One of the regrets most of us face is a loss of a romantic love. Whether it’s real or even unrequited. Whether it materialized or in some crazy sense, imaginary, it will definitely leave a gap somewhere within us.

    Don’t get me wrong but having this “gap” might actually be healthy for everyone because it links us to our younger self, it retains that strong burning desire that might, in all honesty, fade, in a way, as we age. It teaches us two very valuable lesson of life:

    Appreciation and Moving on.

    The Cult of the Lonely

    What we were
    What you’re not
    Have I heard what you said
    Go away, No, hold me tighter
    Clasp my neck,
    squeeze my throbbing heart
    Tattooed memories turned echoes in mind
    Now your lips I would not dare touch
    Your heartbeat now I could never feel
    For now I turned numb
    Might be so are you not
    For then you turned blind
    Senses lost, a heart broken
    The gift you gave
    From me you have stolen
    So now what we are
    Are but once we’re not

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